Audi - Electric Vehicle Overview & Charger Selection

Audi is a brand that needs no introduction. The German car manufacturer has been quickly moving into the electric space with sleek e-tron and e-tron GT models. 

Optic Black Audi e-tron sportback.

Audi E-tron

E-tron is more than a singular car model, as it actually represents the entire electric division of Audi. Similar to how every vehicle manufactured by Audi comes in a Teknik trim package, E-tron branding will eventually apply to other popular models such as the A3, A5, and A7. Although public attention has recently shifted towards electric vehicles, and highlighted the Audi E-tron in popular culture - the series was first unveiled over 12 years ago in 2009 at the International Motor Show in Germany.

The brand has advanced substantially over the time horizon, and is now entering production in substantial numbers. The 2023 model year now includes 6 distinct electric models, and one plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. From the available models, Audi has focused its efforts on the compact luxury SUV segment, and the sport performance vehicle segment. This strategic choice to mass-produce vehicles on the smaller side of their line-up is intelligent given the current state of battery technology and consumer expectations regarding electric vehicle range. By focusing on lighter-weight vehicles, Audi should be able to provide sufficient range for its customers instead of attempting to electrify larger performance vehicles like the RS Q8 for example. 

Vehicle Specifications

2023 e-tron: 

The 2023 e-tron starts at $87,342 MSRP and has an electric range of 364 km. It consumes approximately 26.6kWh/100km. Although not abundantly available, many dealers in Alberta are starting to receive inventory. A quick search on the Audi website showed 9 e-trons available in Alberta, with a starting list price of $106,951.25. This is fairly reasonable, given most Audi’s are optioned out to include a significant amount of extras. 

2023 e-tron Sportback:

The e-tron sportback starts at $89,842 MSRP and has an electric range of 362 km. It consumes approximately 26.8kWh/100 km. This vehicle is very similar to the e-tron, except for the sloping rear panel giving it a sporty rear stance. I have personally seen this vehicle in the wild (fully optioned with black paint, and black accents) and was very impressed. This vehicle is definitely a head turner. This vehicle seems a bit more difficult to come by compared to the e-tron. A quick search through Audi inventory shows only three available now, with two more coming within 2 months. The price range also appears to be wider with the cheapest being $99,570.00, and the most expensive being $122,855.25.

2023 e-tron GT:

The e-tron GT starts at $133,950 MSRP, and has an electric range of 383 km. This vehicle is built for performance with a 0-100km/h time in 4.1 seconds. This vehicle is highly rated, and can generate up to 522 horsepower for exhilarating driving experiences. Checking Audi inventory for Alberta, I did not find any available (Although there were five in Ontario). In this model year you will likely have to special order one to receive it.

2023 RS e-tron GT:

The RS e-tron GT starts at $182,650 MSRP, and has an electric range of 373 km. This vehicle has a 0-100km/h time in 3.3 seconds, almost 0.8s quicker than the base GT model. It also clocks in with significantly more horsepower than the base model, at 637 HP. Again, no inventory available in Alberta (two available in Ontario). I don’t expect to see many of these vehicles on the road in Alberta any time soon given the limited production availability, and high price point.

2023 Q4 e-tron and Sportback Q4 e-tron:

The Q4 e-tron is still in early production stages and has yet to deliver any Q4 e-tron or Q4 e-tron Sportback in the United States. Given Canada lags the US for auto delivery I don’t expect to see any units sold for 2022. Checking the Audi Canada website, I don’t see any options to purchase or build, simply a “stay informed” button. This vehicle will likely be the entry level consumer option, given its attractive starting price of $59,950 MSRP. The e-tron Q4 Sportback comes in a bit pricier at $69,800 MSRP. Stay tuned for updates on when this vehicle will be more widely available to the public.

2023 Audi Q5 TFSI e:

The Q5 TFSI e is the only hybrid electric vehicle in the 2023 Audi North American lineup. Starting at $75,000 MSRP, it has an electric range of 37 km and a combined fuel economy of 3.9L/100km. Although not a large range, this may be a great option for commuters looking for a hybrid vehicle for city commutes. Looking at the Audi inventory site, I did not see any availability for purchase at this time.

Charging Specifications

Moonlight Recommendation: Audi vehicles are compatible with many non-OEM ev charging solutions. Depending on your home electrical service, we recommend purchasing a high amperage smart charging system to give your vehicle the juice it needs. Examples - JuiceBox 40A, and 48A. At this point in time, Audi has not come out with a recommendation for preferred charger providers (or an exclusive Audi charger).


  • A luxury brand and sleek design, your Audi e-tron will be a car you remember
  • Your Audi e-tron includes complimentary, 4-year access to the Electrify Canada charging network (or 1,400 kWh)
  • Purchasing an Audi, you may be eligible for a $1500 if you install a L2 or L3 charger in your home until March 1, 2023. More information here.
  • Audi products are compatible with any non-OEM charging solution. This greatly expands products available for your home at different price levels.


  • Audi EVs are in the low/mid efficiency category when compared to market leaders. 2022 Audi EV models average 26.3kwh/100km versus Tesla EV models (18.3kwh/100km)
  • All models can be charged with 150kW fast charger, but are not built for 250kW fast charging (as found on the Tesla Supercharger).

Charging Solutions

Audi does not provide any charging equipment for its vehicles. Instead, it has providers like Electrify Canada to offer customers on-the-road charging options.