Tesla - Electric Vehicle Overview & Charger Selection

The GOAT of electric solutions, you cannot purchase an EV without considering what Tesla has to offer. 

Moonlight Recommendation: If you are buying a Tesla, we recommend that you stick to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brand and purchase a wall charger directly from Tesla. They are the most affordable chargers and highest rated products on the market. One you purchase a Wall Connector, our experts would be happy to install the product at your place.

Note: It is important to buy the charger directly from Tesla, buying from a third party online may nullify your warranty.


  • High quality EV products with longest range and performance on the market
  • Inexpensive accessory pricing
  • Largest network of DC Fast Chargers


  • Limited selection of installation service providers.
  • Protected brand, difficult to add out-of-company products to service offering.
  • Tesla-only distribution channels. Tesla does not partner with wholesalers, if they are out of stock of a product, you will have to wait for it.

Charging Solutions

Tesla only offers one charging box, but this box can accept multiple circuit amperages and will work for any Tesla model.



Wall Connector


Wall Connector Pedestal


Wall Connector Colored Faceplate


Mobile Connector


Vehicle Charging Times

Tesla has a great product recommendation tool here. An overview of the charge rates can be found below.

Figure 1 - Tesla Fleet Charging Specifications

Set-Up Manuals Tesla EV Charger

Technical specifications, set-up procedures, and configuration information for Tesla Wall Chargers can be found here

The list of all Tesla charging product guides can be found here

Other Product Offerings

Tesla has a number of adjacent product offerings that can be attractive for your home:

  • Powerwall (US Only)  - A home power storage system that can power from a home solar array or from the grid.
  • Solar Roof (US Only) - Roof shingles made of solar panels. Your roof never looked so good.
  • Solar Panels (US Only) - Basic solar panels that can be installed on residential or commercial properties.