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Evalence Inc. is an Alberta business that is working to help communities thrive in an electric world.

Being customers themselves, our founders were frustrated with 'drop-off' of services from EV vendors once the vehicle was purchased. Many charging products exist on the in the market; however, there was missing consensus on product fit for customers, missing installation support, and it was hard to find an electrician to install the unit. Our founders believed there was a better customer experience for people looking to complete their EV set-up.

Servicing cities accross Western Canada, Evalence is working to provide clarity for customers navigating their EV journey. We offer leading charging products for residential and commercial properties and provide services that are focused on creating a great customer experience.

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Tyler SiebenFounder / Project Manager / Leading The Energy Transition

"We are striving to be the leader in EV charging and energy management in Alberta. The technology already exists, it's our job to apply it most appropriately to deliver low-cost and high-impact solutions."

Nicholas SeniukFounder / Project Manager / Leading the Energy Transition

"We are extremely focused on one thing - EV charging. That's by design so we can be cost leaders, technology leaders, and provide the best solutions possible."

Aaron GinisMaster Electrician / Operations Manager / Leading the Energy Transition

"These projects are exciting - It's the future and we're bringing it forward to today. Our team integrates technology solutions, to consultation, and then project execution. I haven't seen many companies do it all under one roof."

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We're always looking for people who share our passion for electrification. Check out our careers page to see our openings, or submit your resume to inquires@evalence.ca.