Electrifying Career Opportunities x Evalence

Evalence Inc. is an Alberta business that is working to help communities thrive in an electric world.

When you work with Evalence, you're working with a group of highly motivated professionals. Together we are focused on our vision of bringing the best renewable energy solutions and electric vehicle charging technologies to the Alberta market. We are leaders in the field, and feel we have an obligation to provide the best services possible with sustainability, convenience, and affordability in consideration. We offer leading charging products, and are engaged with permitting agencies across the province to trial advancements in solar, off-grid, and energy management systems when possible.

Our employees work with autonomy and are incentivised through our profit sharing model. We have trust in the people we employ to positively contribute, and we recognize each others strengths.

Interested in joining our team? Please apply to the postings below:

Journeyman Electrician - Calgary Openings

We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced electrician to join our rapidly growing company! This position is dynamic, fulfilling, and allows for the right individual to have an autonomous and central role in our company’s success. We’re looking for people who like challenges, and want to take ownership of their work. Someone who’s already experienced, but would like to learn about new technologies and ways of doing business.

The right candidate is a journeyman electrician, with experience working in residential and commercial properties. The installation of EV chargers in residential homes is a major part of our business. We work directly with Alberta dealerships to facilitate high quality and timely installations for their customers. These jobs can be simple, or complex requiring energy management systems and solutions for detached garages. Tidy work is a must for these installations, as well as great customer facing skills. We find our electricians enjoy this type of work because residential customers are often very enthusiastic about charging their new electric vehicles! Commercial installations in multi-unit residential, dealerships, and commercial properties is another important aspect of our business. These jobs take a multidisciplinary team of project managers, electricians, engineers, and stakeholders to complete. This is a major growth driver for our business, and a focus for development in 2023.

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