Our Customers

We work with residential and commercial customers to provide excellent value-add service wherever possible. From a simple plug and play installation, to a multi-unit complexes with concrete trenching, extensive permitting, utilities engagement, and external engineering support.

Tony R.Tesla - Model Y

"The installation of our 40A Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV charger was completed this afternoon. It was professionally installed and the master electrician performing the install was both pleasant and professional. Nick at Evalence has been first rate with his communication and he has been flexible and accommodating."

Nick L.Customer

"The Evalence team is extremely dedicated, professional, and focused. The online assessment tool is not only easy-to-use, but the attention to detail helps to setup a great experience. Would definitely recommend this company!"

George G.Audi - etron

"Excellent, convenient and responsive online quote experience. Great availability to do the job. Obviously very qualified and friendly electrician to do the work. Needed upgraded materials to complete but stuck to the original quote. Much appreciated."

Rick M.BMW iX

"...Thanks again - your electrical group is the best!!"

Residential Applications

Electricians walking through a cabin under construction. They are discussing the best route for electrical wire from the panel to the garage where the electric charger will be installed.

Single Family Homes

We install in a variety of single family homes (including row homes, duplexes, and triplexes). We're good at finding solutions for homes with limited electrical capacity, multiple electric cars, and detached garage configurations.

Modern apartment buildings that would likely have electric vehicle chargers installed in the parkade areas

Mult-Unit Residential

We work with appartment building owners, and condo boards to install electric vehicle charging capacity. Our solutions have built in load management software, and have RFID technology capacity for key-fob access to charging, or pay-per-use solutions.

Commercial Applications

Mercedes-benz car dealership much like our Mercedes partners in Edmonton and Calgary

Dealership Partnerships

We partner with dealers to provide high quality services to their customers. We become subject matter experts in charging your brand's vehicles. Our team also provides educational resources, marketing material, and 7-day installation for most customers.

Calgary Skyline. Telus tower visible. Thousands of electric vehicles are driven in the Calgary region.

Parking Lots

We provide paid charging solutions for parking lot operators. Our team handles the entire project from permitting, excavation, and electrical installation. Afterwards we can provide you with an application for tracking/paying for parking, or a simple pay-per-use system.

Coffee shop or restaurant. These businesses can benefit from having an EV charging system installed for customer use.

Hospitality Industries

Restaurants, golf courses, ski hills, and hotels are businesses that can benefit from providing customers with electric vehicle charging. Our team can work with yours to determine the ultimate turn-key solution for your unique requirements. Be ahead of the curve, and encourage EV owners to venture off the beaten path to your establishment.

Moonlight EV - Commercial Charger Installation

We worked with our client to install 4 Juicebox Commercial Pro Chargers for staff and customers of this Calgary warehouse. This installation also included a dedicated EV charging panel, and outlets for E-bike charging. We successfully received grant funding amounting to 46% of the project costs.