Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems - What are they? We break down how energy management systems can be used to install an electric vehicle charger without a costly panel upgrade for homes near their maximum panel amperage capacity.

Frequently asked questions

What are Energy Managment Systems?

Energy Management Systems are sometimes required to install an electric vehicle charger to a panel that is close to full capacity. Typical residential lots are rated at between 60-100 Amps, and in many cases homes are using more power than originally designed due to the popularity of AC units, hot-tubs, and in-floor heating!

A level 2 electric charger requires between 16-48 AMPs to operate. The energy management system connects to the electrical panel and measures the load across the system as to only allow the charger to use energy if excess capacity is available. For example, if the EV charger is sharing a 50 amp breaker with a dryer the EMS would monitor the electrical load and instantaneously throttle the EV charger power if the system is overloaded.

The advantage of this system it's a cheaper alternative to upgrading an electric panel.

Do I need an Energy Management System?

If your electric panel has adequate load capacity you will not require an Energy Management System. During our consultation process we ask for pictures of your panel so that we can complete a load calculation on your property. Based on the results of that calculation we can suggest the following options:

1. You have more than 50A of excess capacity! Let's install the charger of your choice without the EMS.

2. You have between 16A-48A of excess capacity. We can install a charger with lower amperage (charges slower, but will not require an EMS in this case. This can save you money) or the charger of your choice with an EMS system.

3. You are at maximum capacity. A charger installation will require an EMS or a panel upgrade.

4. You are above maximum capacity. You will require a panel upgrade.

How much does an Energy Management System Cost?

Basic systems cost between $800-$1,250. We recommend Blackbox or AC Dandy Loadmizer (Both made in Alberta!).

Energy Management System or Panel Upgrade?

Energy Management Systems are a cheaper solution than upgrading an electrical panel for EV charger installation. We recommed this option for home-owners seeking to get the most bang for their buck!

Upgrading the electrical panel is a good option for those seeking to prepare their home for future upgrades, faster charging, or anticipate additional loads such as hot-tubs or AC. Sometimes upgrading the electrical panel is enevitable for older homes that may already be at maximum electrical capacity.