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EV Charging Solutions for Your Audi

Congratulations on your new Audi etron. If this is your first electric vehicle you're in for an exciting journey navigating new features, ways-of-charging, and the EV community. We understand you might have questions about charging your vehicle at home and on-the-go. Our goal is to provide you the best home charging experience possible - one that is quick and customized for your home's electrical system. We stay informed on the latest Audi developments to offer you solutions that are aligned with the brand's approach and your car's particular specifications.

Clipboard representing the Evalence assessment form. Checkboxes for electric vehicle readiness, home electrical systems, and energy management systems.

Complete the Assessment

The process starts with completing an assessment of the job scope! This can be initiated through our online assessment form, or you can give us a call. We listen to your job requirements, and make qualified recommendations based on your needs, home electrical capacity, and budget.

Clipboard with a checkmark stamp indicating the customer has approved the evalence ev charger quote.

Approve the Estimate & Installation Date

We will provide you a digital estimate good for 30-days, along with an installation date. We will apply any incentives through Glenmore Audi to your installation package. You can approve the quote online through our digital platform, and reserve your spot. We will even send you a virtual reminder on the day before we arrive to ensure you are ready.

electric vehicle charging with a level-2 charger inside a garage. Evalence installs level 2 chargers just like this one.

Our Electricians Handle The Rest

Our electricians will arrive during the scheduled window and complete the installation. They will ensure you are satisfied, and confident with your new EV charger set-up. Afterwards you will receive a digital copy of your permit information, and instructions on how to schedule your inspection.

Expand your Knowledge

Expand your Knowledge

Check out our learn page. It features market reports, commonly asked questions, and helpful article pages about charging basics and energy management systems.

Learn the Lingo

Learn the Lingo

Learn about common electric vehicle definitions, abreviations, and jargon. It helps to speak the language!

Common Questions About Our Residential Services

" Why should I go with your company?"

We provide a high quality product, and put emphasis on the consultation aspect of our service. We recognize that you don't necessarily know everything about your home electrical system or your new vehicle and we strive to ask the right questions to ensure we are providing you with a valuable service. Additionally, our relationship with your dealership incentivises our team to provide an excellent service to their customers every time.

" Are you a local business?"

We are an Alberta corporation operating out of Edmonton and Calgary. We have an advanced knowledge of the rules under the Canadian Electrical Code, and the expectations of local permitting agencies. We strive to make Alberta a more EV friendly place to live.

" How soon will my charger be installed?"

We strive for a 1-week installation timeline. This can vary, but in 2022 our average time between initial contact and installation was 5-days.

"How much is it going to cost?"

Every installation is unique and will have it's own cost to complete. The location of your panel, garage type, finishing instructions, and charger selection will all impact your final price. Most attached garage installations will be between $900-$1800 with additional costs for energy managment systems (if required), and charger selection. Detached garages provide additional challenges and may require trenching a new line, overhead electrical wire, or sub-panel installation. For detached garages, we typically need to complete an in-person consultation to provide a quote.

"Is your work permitted?"

Yes. Every EV charger installation includes permits with the appropriate municipality. Although some companies may not pull permits, for us it's an important part about how we do business. It's mostly about liability (for both us and the home-owner) as it ensures the city has accepted the electrical modificaitons to your home. It helps you know the work was done properly, and to have confidence knowing one of the highest power draws in your home was safely installed.

Welcome to Evalence's Online Instant Quote!

Interested in installing an EV charger for your Audi in Alberta?

Our tool will provide you with a comprehensive quote specific to your home installation. By completing the questionaire with information about your vehicle, home electrical capacity, panel, and installation location our calcualtor will provide you with an estimate on installation cost and suggest products that will work for your needs. This tool replaces a site-visit, and allows our team to streamline the installation process.

We encourage you to enjoy this free tool, and reach out if you have any questions!

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

EV Chargers beautiful enough to stand beside your new Audi. The most compact in their class, with smart-charging features that add value. These are the chargers we recommend to our clients.

Audi e-tron charging on using a wallbox outside the customers home in Southern Alberta