Nov 2022

Alberta EV Market Report

By 2030, we estimate new electric vehicle sales to grow 26x, reaching 5,400 monthly electric vehicle sales representing 30% of new vehicle sales in Alberta. See how...
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Learn the Nuts and Bolts to Amps and Volts

Electricity can be a daunting topic for some people. Rest assured, the basics are easy to understand with a little bit of research. You don't need to be an expert electrician to make the right installation choice - we strive to give you enough knowledge so you can be informed.

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Energy Management Systems (EMS) can be used to install an electric vehicle charger to a panel that is close to full capacity. These are increasingly useful as many homes that have air conditioning, hot-tubs, electric appliances, and basement suites may actually be on the edge of requiring a complete panel upgrade.

The advantage of the EMS unit is it's a cheaper alternative to upgrading an electric panel and recognized as compliant with permitting agencies in Alberta.

Energy Management System to reduce the likelihood of completing expensive panel upgrades in residential homes. The system manages the amps pulled through the panel to regulate electricity and avoid blowing fuses.

Electric vehicle charging can be intimidating... just like how fueling at the pump was the first few times. Our FAQs explain different charging levels, smart vs classic chargers, measures of current and voltage, plug types, and more.

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Interested in learning a second language? How about EV jargon?

Learning about electric vehicles comes with a lot of unfamiliar terminology. We've compiled a list of common electric vehicle terms that can help you better understand the lingo.

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