Online Assessment

Welcome to Evalence's Online Instant Quote!

Interested in purchasing an EV charger for your home in Alberta?

Our tool will provide you with a comprehensive quote specific to your home installation. By completing the questionaire with information about your vehicle, home electrical capacity, panel, and installation location our calcualtor will provide you with an estimate on installation cost and suggest products that will work for your needs. This tool replaces a site-visit, and allows our team to streamline the installation process.

We encourage you to enjoy this free tool, and reach out if you have any questions!

Frequently asked questions

How will I receive my quote?

Your instant quote will be shown on the final page of the form! No need to wait for an email, or a call from a technical representative.

Is it free to get an instant quote?

Yes it's free!

How accurate is the quote?

The quote is a good starting point. The more accurate your information, the better the estimate. Installations can be complex, and different approaches can be considered that will raise or lower the cost. We can use the information provided in the quote as a starting point, while also providing other options.

Prefer to speak with a technician?


We get that online forms are not for everyone. If you'd like to speak to someone knowledgeable about EV charging, give us a call! We would be happy to talk through your project and help you determine a solution that fits with your lifestyle.