Residential Installation

Our valued residential customers

We work with residential and commercial customers to provide excellent value-add service wherever possible. From a simple plug and play installation, to a multi-unit complexes with concrete trenching, extensive permitting, utilities engagement, and external engineering support.

Clipboard representing the Evalence assessment form. Checkboxes for electric vehicle readiness, home electrical systems, and energy management systems.

Complete The Assessment

The process starts with completing an assessment of the job scope! This can be initiated through our online assessment form, or you can give us a call. We listen to your job requirements, and make qualified recommendations based on your needs, home electrical capacity, and budget.

Clipboard with a checkmark stamp indicating the customer has approved the evalence ev charger quote.

Approve the Estimate & Installation Date

We will provide you a digital estimate good for 30-days, along with an installation date. You can approve the quote online through our digital platform, and reserve your spot. We will even send you a virtual reminder on the day before your installation to ensure you are ready.

electric vehicle charging with a level-2 charger inside a garage. Evalence installs level 2 chargers just like this one.

Our Electricians Handle The Rest

Our electricians will arrive during the scheduled window and complete the installation. They will ensure you are satisfied, and confident with your new EV charger set-up. Afterwards you will receive a digital copy of your permit information, and instructions on how to schedule your inspection.

Nick L.Customer

"The Evalence team is extremely dedicated, professional, and focused. The online assessment tool is not only easy-to-use, but the attention to detail helps to setup a great experience. Would definitely recommend this company!"

Rick M.BMW iX

"...Thanks again - your electrical group is the best!!"

Electricians walking through a cabin under construction. They are discussing the best route for electrical wire from the panel to the garage where the electric charger will be installed.

Single Family Homes

We install in a variety of single family homes (including row homes, duplexes, and triplexes). We're good at finding solutions for homes with limited electrical capacity, multiple electric cars, and detached garage configurations.

Modern apartment buildings that would likely have electric vehicle chargers installed in the parkade areas

Multi-Unit Residential

We work with appartment building owners, and condo boards to install electric vehicle charging capacity. Our solutions have built in load management software, and have RFID technology capacity for key-fob access to charging, or pay-per-use solutions.

Charge with Confidence

We offer affordable 'basic' chargers and a wide selection of 'smart' chargers that can help reduce costs by charging off-peak hours and help manage the home energy load. Every home assessment includes a load calculation to ensure your home's electrical load is within a safe range. Based on this calculation we can install energy management systems to keep your home compliant and your car charged up!

Toyota Prius charging outside on the drive way. Electric vehicle chargers can be installed on the outside of homes for convenient charging.

Future Ready Your Home

We know that some families can have two or more cars. Our experts plan long-term to make sure that your solution can handle multi-vehicle charging and the future anticipated electrical demands of the service in your neighborhood. Our team can complete service upgrades, panel upgrades, and mult-charger installations.

Our Wallbox chargers have smart capabilities and allow us to create systems with two or more chargers that can automatically balance power between two chargers charging a single circuit. This can be configured to favor one charger over the other, equal distribution of power between them, or other custom set ups.

Two tesla model 3 vehicles outside of an older, but well kept home. They likely have an electric vehicle charger in the garage.

Wallbox Charger for Multi-EV Household

The client asked for a universal charger that would work for her Audi e-tron, and future EV purchase of a family member. Her panel was completely full, and required a sub-panel addition. This was completed and the garage charger was wired with an energy management system.
Canmore wall box installation for electric vehicles. This will be used to charge tesla vehicles, and audi.

Audi Q4 E-tron Installation

Our client purchased an Audi Q4 e-tron and decided to charge with the included Audi Compact charger. We wired this charger from the basement panel, up to the garage to a Nema 14-50 Plug. An energy management system was used to manage his panel load.
Audi e-tron charger installed in a residential home. This audi compact charger comes with most e-tron series vehicles.

BMW iX Charger Installation

Our client purchased a BMW iX and required a charger that could be paired to the vehicle's on-board charger. A 40 amp charger was picked, and paired with an energy management system for the home. The charger location will allow for garage, and driveway charging.
BMW iSeries in Calgary Alberta with an electric vehicle charger installed in the attached garage.

Instant Online Estimate Tool

We're one of the only EV installation companies in Alberta offering self-guided online estimation. Use our quick online tool to estimate the cost of your installation without needing to arrange an in-person estimate or call. Alternatively, if you prefer to talk to an expert book a consultation!
Calgary downtown skyline featuring telus tower. Calgary is home to more than 3000 electric vehicles.