Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Our highly rated smart-charger recommendation for consumers searching for a minimalist style charger that won't distract from the beauty of your new electric vehicle. At slighly less than 8" x 8" this charger is one of the smallest available, while also packing more power than many of its competitors. Innovative smart-features like load balancing between multiple chargers, and charge scheduling on the included MyWallbox application come standard.

Starting at $925

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

A premium charger with a small footprint. It's half the size of it's competitors, and transmits more power than a Flo Home Charger.
Wallbox Pulsar Plus
Included with purchase of Pulsar Plus

MyWallbox App

Manage your charging, schedule charge times, review statistics, manage multiple users and chargers.
MyWallbox App

Spectacular Value for Money

Starting at $925, this charger is $520 cheaper than a FLO X5 and will charge your car faster.
Spectacular Value for Money

Endless Compatibility

Universal plug, plug-in and hardwired connections, and Nema type 4 certified. It's rated for indoor and outdoor installations.
Endless Compatibility

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Audi e-tron charging on using a wallbox outside the customers home in Southern Alberta
CleanTechnicaClean Tech Editorial

"We put this brilliant compact charger to the test and it is clearly a serious contender...an impressive package that locks in a top position in the list of residential EV chargers..."

EngadgetTechnology Blog

"Wallbox's charger could prove a compelling option for families who have multiple different models of EVs, or those who might switch to another brand in the future."

Wallbox charger installation with an existing garage outlet.

BMW iX - Wired Wallbox Installation

The customer had an existing 30 Amp plug in the garage. Given the garage was already finished and painted, he preferred we splice into the line and hardwire the charger directly to the existing infastructure. This saved the customer from installing a new breaker, and wiring from his basement panel to the garage. The Wallbox was manually adjusted down to the appropriate amperage for the breaker. If the customer decides in the future to increase charging speeds, we can return and make the modifications without needing to install a new charger.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Installed with PowerMeter.

Volvo XC-40 Recharge - Wired Wallbox with PowerMeter

The customer wanted to charge fast! We installed a Wallbox 48A charger, with a PowerMeter for energy management. The installation was very clean, and routed efficiently to the basement electrical panel.

Wallbox installation in an unfinished garage for an Audi e-tron

Audi E-tron - Nema 14-50 Plug In Wallbox Installation

The customer wanted a smart charger that would work with the Audi E-tron they had purchased, and other electric car brands they anticipated family members purchasing in the future. With room on their panel, we were able to wire the charger to 40 Amps for a reasonable charging time.